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Tips for designing a Logo for a law firm or attorney

When it comes to designing a logo for an law firm or an attorney we are talking about credibility, trust and seriousness in the first place. Clients looking for an attorney needs to know first handedly that they can trust their attorney to represent them in the best possible way and present their case in the strongest possible way under the sun to maximize the change of a favourable decision. Hence the logo of a law firm or attorney should be very professionally designed.

Lawyers and attorneys are the best friends to the client at the times of their need. They should be dependable. Hence the first and foremost function of an attorney or lawyers logo or website is to convey a sense of trust, credibility and dependability to their clients. The clients of these days will definitely browse through the company websites and profiles of various attorney’s and law firms before selecting the one to represent them. So a website with a credible logo is sometimes the only chance to woo a prospective client.


While designing the logo for an attorney or law firm it is better to be conventional and best to follow a traditional approach. In order to follow tradition it is essential to draw inspiration from the logos of other law firms and attorneys. Extreme care and caution should be exercised not to copy any other law firm’s logo at any cost though. This might lead to painful legal battles and shelling out large sums of money as damage to the other company at the end on issues of copyright.


Next comes the use of graphics in the logo of a legal firm. Should colourful and garish and loud graphics be used? The answer is a BIG NO! We are not designing a logo for a holiday resort here. At a law firm things are pretty serious. Lawyers and attorneys save careers, property and a life sentence and what not           . So multi-coloured legal logos are definitely not advisable.


Then comes fonts. What fonts should be used and what should not? Here again a law firm or an attorney’s logo should stick to convention. Fonts like Arial, Calibri, Times Roman, Sans Serifs should do a wonderful job. Avoid script and calligraphic fonts at all cost while designing for a law firm or attorney. They are a big put of factor and calligraphic fonts mostly fail to convey the much needed seriousness for a law firm.



Text colour? Well it is best to stick to black or dark gray on white backgrounds and while on black or dark backgrounds. This has mostly been the convention for lawfirms. Recently colours like golden yellow, dark blue or navy blue are also finding popularity in legal logos.


Should a small graphic or icon be used to represent the lawfirm? Well the answer to this is ‘maybe’. A small icon or emblem that conveys authority and credibility can be used for a law firm logo but anything too complicated should be avoided. Simplicity has a great sense of credibility around it. All authoritative logos that have stood the test of time are simple yet powerful.


So we can see that much thought should go into a design whoever you are designing a logo for. Not only logo but whatever you ever design should be well thought out and planned. Be it a logo, a webpage, a corporate identity, a business card, a brochure or whatever. Planning is the key to any successful and timeless design job!  


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