February 15, 2009


We are a graphic designing outsourcing and freelancing website where designers and job posters can meet and work. The most unique thing about us is that we offer an auction platform where all designers can compete to win. The job poster who is shopping for a design work chooses the best design and pays the winning designer.

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  1. Ana says:

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  2. Zeena Bushnaq says:


    I’m sure you get emails about new apps that may or may not make your web design projects easier, but we built our application especially for design-minded people like you. We’d love if you can take a minute to check out Wazala. We just got featured on Web Designer Depot as the only worthy online store solution in Apps and Websites for Designers. http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/09/20-new-apps-and-websites-for-designers-2/

    Wazala is an application that adds an instant, elegant online store to any website, blog or even Facebook profile. As a designer, I’m sure your main thoughts are: Does it look good? And: How easy is it to configure? The answer to both is VERY!

    A Wazala Store looks clean, simple and pure. It was designed to match any website without clutter and brand deflation. The set up process takes 15 minutes. After listing your products, a simple copy and paste of a snippet of code to any website or blog and you’re done. You can even add it too multiple sites and control everything through one back end admin interface.

    You do not need to be a developer or code guru to set it up, and there is no need to spend hours teaching your client how to use it either. The back end is straightforward enough for anyone to upload products and have a store running in no time. We can go on and on about Wazala — with it you can sell physical or digital goods, and it has options for multiple languages, currencies, categories, discount codes, fulfillment support…among many other things that make it a fully-featured e-commerce application.
    We offer a FREE subscription for up to 5 products, and paid packages have reasonable flat monthly rates.

    We hope you will consider Wazala next time you design a website, or if you’re thinking of selling products or services yourself! We’d love to get your opinion of Wazala. and if you blog about design we would appreciate you spreading the word as well.


    Zeena Bushnaq
    Managing Director
    (323) 362-6752
    For the latest updates follow us on Twitter @Wazala or join our page on Facebook/wazala

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