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The curious history of the Ferrari logo


Ferrari S.p.A is a sports car manufacturing company from Italy. It has it headquarters in Maranello, Italy. The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari in the year 1929. Curiously enough, Enzo Ferrari was an Italian motor racer driver but at the same time he was also an entrepreneur. The Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team was founded by him.

Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari

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Tips and tricks on how to design your business card to draw attention!

Even before starting to design a business card we have to think what the purpose of a business card actually is? Is a business card required only to convey some information across or does it have a more subtle function? These questions are not very easy to answer and there is no definite one word answer to this. Well the primary function of a business card is to convey information about the entity it represents. Be it a person or a business, this primary goal has to be addressed first but nevertheless a business card has to convey other things as well; for example it has to instill a sense of dependability and trust about the entity it represents in the minds of the target audience. Hence designing a business card has more to it than we ordinarily think. While the primary objective of a business card is to provide information it has a secondary duty to create the first impression on a prospect. Sometimes the first impression is the only impression you get to create so this is of immense importance. The design elements determine whether the business card makes its way to the card holder or to the dustbin. Your business card is the face of the entity it represents and people will only take you seriously if you have a good and well designed business card. It also has the contact information about your business or you so it is also a call to action tool for you.

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Tips for designing a Logo for a law firm or attorney

When it comes to designing a logo for an law firm or an attorney we are talking about credibility, trust and seriousness in the first place. Clients looking for an attorney needs to know first handedly that they can trust their attorney to represent them in the best possible way and present their case in the strongest possible way under the sun to maximize the change of a favourable decision. Hence the logo of a law firm or attorney should be very professionally designed.

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Should you use a catchline to glorify your logo ?

Can you think of a reputed company that does not have a brand identity, a logo and a catchline or marketing slogan? I don’t think it is possible. Today every company, however big or small it is, knows that branding is of immensely important to establish it’s credibility to its target audience or customers. A logo is a catalyst in the brand building process and it is the visual representation of the company. Now a lot of thought has gone into the fact as how to make the logo effective, memorable and credible. Now here there was a problem that was encountered. While advertising in radio (FM for example) where the visual medium was unavailable, a need for something else other than the logo was felt. So came signature tunes and gingles. But then after a period of time it was felt that the same jingle became monotonous and it was more of a put off factor rather than an attraction. It was noticed that motorists and car owners who listen to the radio on the way to office or while coming back home change channels immediately once they come across the same old jingle again and again. Remember that even a sweet song becomes monotonous if played over and over again!

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How many logo types can you think of ?

To answer this question we have to first define what is a logo and what purpose it serves to the business or person it belongs to! Wait a minute did we just say ‘person’? Well weird as it may sound it is not uncommon these days for a person to brand himself or herself with a logo.

To define what a logo is we can say that a logo is an identification or a symbolic representation of a business entity, a person an object an idea or a service.

But this is not what a logo is only and all about. A logo is not just a mark or symbol on a television channel or on a packaging of a product or publication. A logo has many forms and there are different explanations for each form of a logo.

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Is it necessary to always hire a professional design firm and spend a fortune for getting your corporate logo designed?

This is actually a million dollar question for people looking to get their corporate logo designed. Any startup or any business across any vertical will require a logo and a corporate identity to start with. Even the first step of registering you company will go smoothly if you have a logo and a proper branding in place. Any company providing any service in any sector will gain an initial credibility and trust if it has a very well designed logo and a great corporate identity. So whenever any startup approaches a client a good logo does half the job of pitching for the customer. A good logo also goes a long way in establishing the mission statement, the philosophy of an organization and also propagates a sense of reliability to its customers or clients. A well designed logo should also convey the reliability or service or product that the company has on the offering.

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Things to keep in mind while designing a logo for an academic or educational institution

Designing a logo for an educational or academic institution can be a subtle task. This is because mostly educational or academic institutes are non profit organizations, yet the objective of the logo that is to be designed for them has the same motto as any other organization whether profit oriented or not. The primary objective of a successful logo is to promote a brand and establish its authority amongst its competitors. Hence the task is subtle. Let us take a look at what we need to keep in mind while developing or designing a logo for an academic institute.

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Should you redesign your logo? What are the deciding factors?

A good logo design or a good corporate brand identity is instrumental in selling a product or to ascertain its legitimacy in the eyes of the prospective customer. In the graphic design world flexibility and scalability are the key factors which determine the success of a particular logo design. A logo should be beyond the barriers of cultural diversity, language, its mode of transmission media and colours. Let me elaborate on this. You might need to transmit a logo via fax or email. It might be printed in a newspaper, published in a website in black and white. So a logo has to be a timeless, durable and universal face of your brand which is scalable.

We find so many companies re-designing their logos and brand identities. It’s not for nothing. They have felt that their logo does not comply to the above guidelines and they took decisions to redesign their logos. A change in brand identity is not an easy thing to carry out. It costs the company a lot. Apart from the direct cost of designing a logo or brand identity, they have to change their letterheads, visiting cards, envelope, and any pre-printed stationery that they might have with the new logo. They also have to spend a lot in advertising by which they can let people know about the change of their brand identity. Still companies change their logos and brand identities when they find that the current logo is not good enough.

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Posting comments and ratings in a logo or graphic design contest

We at have been telling our buyers that when they post a logo or graphic design contest they should regularly visit their contest page, post ratings, put comments and give directions to designers regarding what they are looking for. Every designer comes up with a concept based on what he or she thinks is right. But as a buyer, the contest holder is the best judge about the vision and mission statements of his business and the kind of artwork he or she needs.

After a design contest is live at shopfordesigns, designers start posting their concepts. Now it is on the buyer to guide the designers with the colour scheme, catchline, concept and other aspects of design.

To help our contest holders or buyers with these ratings and comment posting, one of our users have come up with an informative and exciting video. He has requested us to post the video at our blog and here it is :


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ShopForDesigns launches secret ballot graphic design contest

Some weeks back our client David Kavanagh sent us an email and asked if it is possible to post a logo design contest and not let one designer see others’ submissions. Well it is when the idea of “secret ballot” came to our mind. We thought that the idea was pretty good as secret ballot will make every designer think creatively and not get influenced or inspired by other designer’s designs.

We went back to our drawing board and started designing what we call secret ballot for contest holders or buyers. They can now post a logo design contest or a webpage design contest and not let one designer see the submissions of other designers.